Bryce Canyon 2004
Bryce Canyon is for me the most visually stunning place in the United States, surpassing the Grand Canyon. My other 'Western Tour' page presents sweeping panoramas of Bryce; this page attempts to convey the details of the 'hoodoos' (columns) that make up Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon

This shot shows a pretty typical view in Bryce. The land behind is pretty flat, and you can see that Bryce is formed by land erosion - the ground has literally fallen away to produce the canyon.

The following window shows a full-sized version of the image above. You can use the scroll bars to move around the image, see the detail.

Below is a close-up of just a few hoodoos. The trees give an idea of the scale. The red color is due to iron deposits, and the varying color is due to the different amounts of iron at different depths.

Another view of a cluster of hoodoos from above

Close up of yet another cluster:

Here's a view from the base of the hoodoos, taken back in November 1996, using a simple snapshot camera

I was lucky enough to make two trips back in 1996, this picture is from September 1996 - beautiful combination of trees and hoodoos!

Another shot from the September 1996 visit, not a great quality shot but captures the scale of the hoodoos nicely - and shows just how close the simple trails are to them!

Final shot from that September visit, again not great quality, but a great view of a cluster of hoodoos.